It’s The Recruiter’s Fault, or Why I’ve Been Absent & What I’ve Been Working On

Okay, so I’ve been kinda absent here.

That’s because I’ve been spending most of my time over the past few months building up the content over at Recruiting Social’s Insights blog. Here’s a small sampling of that work:

Q+A Articles

About: This is a series of in-depth interviews. I talk with smart people in human resources and recruitment, transcribe and copy-edit our conversation, stage it, do up some visuals and post one a week.

Learning process: Ever new one of these comes with new refinements, either to the content, the format, or the production process. Refinements have included:

  • Rigging big click-to-Tweet pull-quotes using existing site styles (these go back to the first Q&A)
  • Rigging pull-quotes with image backgrounds with a wee bit of inline styling (couple examples in this Q&A)
  • Using URL shortening to create a simple shareable link
  • Learning to record interviews and type ‘em out (transcribe) afterwards (wow, saves my fingers!)
  • Adding a great big call-to-action teaser at the bottom of each Q&A (nice example way at the end of this one)
  • Template-ing the intro, the closing, and a series of teaser and promotional posts and images for sharing on social media (some samples of that below)
  • Developing a thorough checklist for the process, so no step is missed and content is published and promoted consistently

Jason Kamara on Recruitment SEO & Getting Your Job Ads Found on Google

Getting Job Ads Found on Google, a Q&A with SEO Specialist Jason Kamara

“… The words you use in job ads determine the type of people that will find your postings. Different people search using different keywords.”

SEO Specialist Jason Kamara explains how to get your job ads found by talent on Google along with other practical recruitment SEO insights. Read it


Jeff Waldman on Why HR Needs Social Media

SocialHRCamp Founder Jeff Waldman on Why HR Needs Social Media

“There’s a misconception that social media means just Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+. But that’s not it.”

SocialHRCamp founder Jeff Waldman explains why – and how – HR professionals and recruiters need to embrace social media and other emerging technologies. Read it


Outsidein on How Startups Can Master Employee Communications

Mastering employee communications with Outsidein's Sharon Habib and Catherine Ducharme.

“… Your employees are your ambassadors – for good or for bad.”

Outsidein Communications strategists Sharon Habib and Catherine Ducharme share how startups can engage and leverage staff through strategic communications. Read it


Debbie Bortolussi on Startup HR & 10 Traits Great Employers Share

“The ‘nine to five’ age is dead. So dead.”

HR authority Debbie Bortolussi shares practical advice on how to tackle startup HR challenges, the 10 traits of employer greatness, and more. Read it


Kim Pope on Why Startups Leach Talent & How to Hire for Tech

“With a lot of these new, fast-growing companies, staff are being parachuted in. You fill three roles and lose five. These guys are always bleeding, like it’s a war zone.”

Recruiter and ‘People Architect’ Kim Pope explains how she builds high-performance teams for fast-growing companies in California’s tech scene. Read it


Experimental content

Kim Pope: How to Beat The War for Talent in 2015 [SlideShare + Social Media Campaign]

About: California tech recruiter Kim Pope shares six insights for standing out in a crowded employer market and catching your ideal candidate’s attention. Read full article

Process: I interviewed Kim, and pared our chat back to six practical tips. Each SlideShare slide was designed (by me, yes, using Sketch) to be shared via social media, as well as stacked into an infographic [PNG]. This bit of content was an experiment in repurposing material for different channels and formats.


Here Are Our Top Recruitment Tips & Secrets [Article + Social Media Campaign]

Content Manager & Communicator Christian De Pape advises:

About: The Recruiting Social team’s best, most closely guarded, secrets to sourcing, recruiting, and managing talent. Read full article

Process: Each team member shared a tip with me, which I copy-edited. While the format of this post was new, the big experiment was really the visuals. I got to play around in Photoshop and Sketch to create an accompanying, meant-to-stand-on-its-own social media campaign (example image above).


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