Yesterday morning I was applying deodorant (mortal that I am) and happened to notice the small-print product description on the back of my stick of Old Spice High Endurance.

Old Spice High Endurance on-brand small print copywriting.

Contains odour-fighting “atomic robots” that “shoot lasers” at your “stench monsters” and replaces them with fresh, clean, masculine “scent elves.”

Of course Old Spice is known for its cheeky and successful marketing, and the copy is right on brand. But you might ask why they’d bother injecting personality into such a tiny packaging detail that so few people are likely to catch.

The thing is, when I saw that blurb, I smiled. It was unexpected. When does a deodorant stick ever make you smile?

This is what written customer experience is all about. Because now, when I’m standing around in the deodorant aisle at Walgreens, trying to pick from a thousand options of what are more or less identical products, the one that gave me a half-second jolt of delight will be the one that stands out.


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