Why Recruiters Need to Think About Customer (Candidate) Experience

Lousy candidate experience = Losing out on talentThe “customer” we talk about in customer experience isn’t always who you immediately think of as a customer. Particularly in more inward-facing parts of a company, it can be hard to envision “the customer”. But you do have one.

Case and point: recruitment. Who is the recruitment team’s customer? The candidate. The person being advertised to, wooed, qualified, signed, and onboarded—all to help accomplish important business goals. That process makes up the customer experience—the candidate experience.

I’m working with Recruiting Social, a very cool, willing-to-think-outside-the-box recruitment consultancy, to introduce employers to the importance of candidate experience in showing respect, care, and support for talent—before they’re even hired.

Why? Like with all customer experience initiatives, the real value is in the long game.

You want employees to like working with you.

You want them to want to stick with you.

You want to set them off on the right foot.

And you want to be a hell of a lot more attractive, as an employer, than your competitors.

When you’re talking about hiring—expensive, risky, business-growth affecting hiring—the long game is what counts.

So, my employer and recruiter friends. We’re building a new candidate experience service that I think will really make your hiring process better. Really, stand out.

And of course, it’s gotta’ be customer-centric, so we’d love your thoughts and insight as we put it together—to make sure it really works right for you.

If your interest is peaked, please get in touch.

Check out my article over on Recruiting Social’s website:

Why Your Candidate Experience Is Scaring Off Talent


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